Employee motivation strategies pantaloons

From the table above it can be inferred that that the majority of the respondents are female i. Learn to become more comfortable with them. How did you come to know about Pantaloons. Cultivate strong skills in delegation Delegation includes conveying responsibility and authority to your employees so they can carry out certain tasks.

They are valued outcomes given to someone by another person, typically a supervisor or higher level manager. Work with each employee to ensure their motivational factors are taken into consideration in your reward systems For example, their jobs might be redesigned to be more fulfilling.

Questionnaires have been circulated to Pantaloons customers esiding in Coimbatore,Tiruppur and Bangalore.

Motivational Strategies in Business

Performance management can focus on organizations, groups, processes in the organization and employees.

This also keeps the clients of the company happy. It can be inferred that majority of the respondents are satisfied with the store in terms of price,quality,customer service, ambience,location i.

Since there is a significant positive reward, then the negative punishment is seen as acceptable and the whole positive and negative reinforcement strategy offers significant motivation. These individuals often refer to this condition as burnout. This enhances the relationship amongst the workers and the company.

Hence,Pantaloons should take all necessary measures to increase the level of satisfaction of its customers. The instrument used to obtain data from customers is questionnaires.

Employee Motivation Strategies-Pantaloons Essay

When people leave, they take knowledge, experience, and contacts with them, straight to the competitors. Moser and Kalton Essay Table no: The staff has a partial ownership in the ideas that move the company forward, and that can be a very strong motivation.

Employee Motivation Strategies

The concept of job redesign, which requires a knowledge of and concern for the human qualities people bring with them to the organization, applies motivational theories to the structure of work for improving productivity and satisfaction When redesigning jobs, managers look at both job scope and job depth.

They will see that your goals are realistic and everyone benefits from working hard. Prioritize Work-Life Balance We have a few fun incentives, like an in-office "phone booth" style machine that lets you grab dollar bills.

The study states that retail stores should concentrate on internal marketing to have satisfied employees to deliver customer satisfaction. The following table states the level of satisfaction experienced by the customers in terms of price,quality,customer service,store location and ambience.

Reward Employees are motivated by success when that success translates into material reward for them, according to online business resource Entrepreneur. From the above table it can be inferred that majority of the respondents have a very high expectation from the store in terms of price,Customer service,Quality,offers,location and store ambience i.

The employee is always right’ These employee motivation strategies involve improving levels of trust between the leadership of your company and staff: 1. Find the right job for the right person. When people enjoy and are challenged by their work they become self-motivated.

Employee Motivation Strategies-Pantaloons Essay Customer service Chapter 1 and 2 Essay There are two main types of customer in the travel and tourism industry Essay. After that discussed about the HR policies and practices which are followed by Pantaloons in appointing the employees such as Service Rules, Promotion Policy and Rules, Wage Structure, Employee Motivation and Welfare Schemes, Health and Safety Rules, Training and Development.

Q) What should your employee motivation strategy be for sales reps who are typically more competitive and prefer pay differentiation?

Motivation Strategies

Research shows that competition and differentiation aren’t good for people and organizations. Extremely high goals combined with economic incentives lead to unethical behavior, since tying rewards to goal. Let's see some employee motivation strategies that you can use to make the most of the indispensable human resource.

Employee Motivation Techniques and Ideas Let's Talk Money If you want the honey to roll in, money and monetary rewards are the best employment motivation strategies. Essay on Employee Motivation Strategies-Pantaloons [pic] [pic] Company profile Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market.

Employee motivation strategies pantaloons
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